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31 March 2024

HOLiFOOD Living Lab #2

The Delphi technique is a systematic process of forecasting using the collective opinion of panel members.
31 March 2024

The HOLiFOOD infrastructure

It's becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the impact that our actions are having on the planet's climate. While we grapple with the consequences of our…
22 February 2024

Technology and alternative protein sources

Technology and alternative protein sources In the last decade there has been an increasingly need for replacing animal protein resources for reasons of changing consumer […]
10 February 2024

HOLiFOOD, WUR and EU gender figures

When looking into the just analysed headcount for the HOLiFOOD teams, Ine noticed happily HOLiFOOD reached about 50-50% of men and women among the total…
10 February 2024

Women in STE(A)M: From dairy desserts to bridging food safety and economics Ine van der Fels-Klerx has a long history in the Wageningen domains. Initially she was drawn to food technology but ultimately transitioned to animal…
9 February 2024

World Pulses Day 2024

To investigate the safety of legumes, researchers from the EU-funded project HOLiFOOD, will develop new untargeted and targeted methods for the detection of foodborne pathogens…
15 December 2023

HOLiFOOD Living Lab #3

The first workshop conducted under the third Living Lab, titled “Novel Digital Infrastructure for Food Safety,” brought stakeholders together to explore solutions for a changing…
22 November 2023

What is being done to fight antimicrobial resistance?

Improper and excessive use of antimicrobials in both human health care and agricultural production domains has accelerated the development of bacterial defences against them and…
22 November 2023

Antimicrobial resistance (Q&A)​

Antibiotic resistance represents one of the most significant global threats to health and food security in the world today. Overuse and misuse of these life-saving…
6 October 2023

HOLiFOOD Living Lab #1

The initial Living Lab Workshop which took place during the Days 2023 by SmartAgriHubs "Emerging risk identification systems" looked at the history of the HOLiFOOD…