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22 November 2023

What is being done to fight antimicrobial resistance?

Improper and excessive use of antimicrobials in both human health care and agricultural production domains has accelerated the development of bacterial defences against them and…
22 November 2023

Antimicrobial resistance (Q&A)​

Antibiotic resistance represents one of the most significant global threats to health and food security in the world today. Overuse and misuse of these life-saving…
25 September 2023

HOLiFOOD to Host Its First Series of Living Lab Workshops During EU Synergy Days

This year, HOLiFOOD will collaborate with the agrifood tech event, Synergy Days, scheduled for October 4th and 5th in Thessaloniki, Greece. This event will once…
30 August 2023

Climate change, how will it affect how safe your food is?

It's becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the impact that our actions are having on the planet's climate. While we grapple with the consequences of our…
6 June 2023

Early detection of food risks with AI and Big Data

Early detection of food risks with AI and Big Data  (Press Release)   European project HOLiFOOD to improve food safety and sustainability of the EU […]