Mycotoxin Risks in the Food & Feed Supply Chain: Leveraging the power of AI to setup a risk-based approach

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September 23rd, 2023 | Leveraging the power of AI to setup a risk-based approach

This webinar, hosted by AGROKNOW, is ideal for food safety & quality professionals that work on mycotoxin contamination and that are interested to explore how traditional horizon scanning and foresight development techniques may be improved, amplified, or even fully renovated using AI.


Mycotoxins are the most widely studied biological toxins, which contaminate numerous food and feed ingredients at any stage during pre- and post-harvest conditions. Contamination may cause acute and chronic mycotoxicosis, including teratogenic, carcinogenic, oestrogenic, neurotoxic, and immunosuppressive effects to both humans and animals. This webinar aims to initiate conversation about the potential and applicability of AI-powered risk forecasting in mycotoxin contamination detection, mitigation, and prevention.



Online panel discussion:

  • Prof. Chris Elliott (Queen’s University Belfast)
  • Maria Velissariou (Ex-Corporate R&D VP and CSO, Mars & Founder, Maria Velissariou Consulting LLC )
  • Joseph (Joe) Tierney (Regulatory and Food Safety Department Lead, Tirlan)
  • AI-expert Giannis Stoitsis (CTO, Agroknow)


Topics will include:

  1. The growing impact and concern about mycotoxins in food and feed
  2. Factors that contribute to an elevated likelihood of mycotoxin risks in the supply chain
  3. Identifying key intervention areas to improve detection, mitigation and prevention
  4. The use case of improving sampling techniques and frequencies using a risk-based monitoring approach
  5. Developing an AI model to help inform mycotoxin testing and sampling priorities
  6. Identifying and integrating critical data sources and signals for such an AI model
  7. The potential and limitations of integrating such an AI-powered application in a mycotoxin risk assessment framework



For more information, visit the AGROKNOW website here.