What is an Emerging risk?

This infographic will help you understand the difference between hazard and risk, two terms that are often incorrectly used as synonyms.


A hazard is something that has the potential to cause harm, while risk is the likelihood of harm occurring as a result of exposure to that hazard.




We have designed this infographic to support you in understanding the sources of an emerging food risk and how a hazard develops into one.

The main content is focus on mycotoxins, an emerging food risk of global concern. Mycotoxin contamination is a widespread and global problem affecting a wide range of crops including grains, nuts and spices.

Climate change and changes in agricultural practices may affect the prevalence and distribution of mycotoxin-producing moulds, making it an evolving problem.

The infographic explains the main factors that contribute to the production of mycotoxins and the strategies to mitigate their effects.