FSI Food Safety Innovation Conference 2023

September 5th, 2023 | FSI Food Safety Innovation Conference 2023

With a collaborative effort from Klipspringer and FoodClean, the first Food Safety Innovation Conference takes place in the September of 2023. 


The event is launched with the intention of shining a light on true innovation, challenging the status quo, and advancing food safety and hygiene through knowledge sharing. With expert talks, interactive workshops, networking opportunities, and live Q&As, this collaborative forum offers something new and essential to the food production industry.



  • Nikos Manouselis, Co-Founder and CEO of Agroknow
  • Katie Satterthwaite, Factory Standards Manager for Marks and Spencer
  • Dave Duncalf, Head of Chemical Technology at FoodClean
  • John Michael Piggot, EU Head of Food Safety at Amazon
  • Denis Treacy, Former Chief Officer for Safety & Quality at Pladis Global



  • Workshop 1: Equipment Design and Cleaning
  • Workshop 2: Predictive Analytics
  • Workshop 3: Analytical Assurance
  • Workshop 4: Food Safety Management Systems


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