HOLiFOOD Living Lab #1

Brussels, 6 October 2023

The initial Living Lab Workshop was held at the Synergy Days 2023 4-5 October 2023. This was the exploration phase of Living Lab #1 of HOLiFOOD and was entitled “Emerging risk identification systems”. The workshop looked at the history of the HOLiFOOD project, introducing the concept of a holistic approach to building a food safety emerging risk system and emphasizing the importance of combining domain knowledge from different fields in food and agriculture with data science knowledge when building such a system.

It enabled interesting discussions among participants about the technical features of emerging risk prediction tools with a focus on the needs and preferences of users and developers.

This workshop was extremely useful in determining the needs and preferences of potential end users and tool developers.

Here are the main takeaways to work on for the future:

  • Emerging risk prediction tools’ capabilities
  • Role and feasibility of using AI for emerging risk prediction
  • Priority hazards and factors to be screened for
  • Requirements for a successful prediction model
  • Source data to be used as inputs for a prediction tool