Lunch webinar on analytical approaches on food safety

March 28th, 2024 | Online event by HOLiFOOD & FoodSafeR

Improving food safety risk analysis is crucial in safeguarding public health and maintaining consumer trust. With the growing complexity of global food systems and the emergence of new hazards, it’s essential to stay ahead of potential risks.


Through enhancing early warning systems and analytical capabilities, we can proactively identify and mitigate threats, ensuring that the food we eat is safe and secure. Join us in this webinar, to be held on March 28th from 12-13 pm CET, to be part of the solution and drive positive change in food safety practices.



The 2 EU-funded projects, HOLiFOOD and FoodSafeR, are joining forces to provide you an interesting lunch webinar on site analytics.

The 3 topics are:

  • Towards rapid on-site plant toxin detection – Ids Lemmink (WFSR), FoodSafeR
  • Targeted methods for on-site testing of chemical hazards – Annalisa De Girolamo (CNR), HOLiFOOD
  • Targeted and untargeted analysis of plant and fungal metabolites – Rudi Krksa (BoKu), FoodSafeR


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