HOLiFOOD Living Lab #3

Brussels, 15 December 2023

The first workshop conducted under the third Living Lab, titled “Novel Digital Infrastructure for Food Safety” brought stakeholders together to explore solutions for a changing world. It was organized in partnership with the STELAR project. It provided insightful discussions as well as numerous opportunities for project collaboration on the critical topics of digital infrastructure for food safety, data management in agriculture, and sustainable agricultural production.

The discussions have emphasized the importance of building trust in artificial intelligence, emphasizing the importance of transparency and dependability in AI applications.


Three main questions have been posed to stakeholders in order to elicit feedback on:

  1. Opportunities may arise in the organization represented regarding possible applications of AI technologies?
  2. What are the technical requirements for implementing artificial intelligence in the organization?
  3. What are the difficulties you are encountering in implementing AI?


Furthermore, the workshop promoted a comprehensive approach to food safety, recognizing the importance of taking into account multiple dimensions and stakeholders. Precision sensors for accurate estimations have emerged as a promising avenue for future advancements.


Here are the main takeaways to work on for the future:

  • Trust in AI
  • Input Factors for Microbiological Model Predictions
  • A Comprehensive Approach to Food Safety Assessment
  • Precision Sensors and Accurate Estimations
  • Leveraging Data to Enhance Model Outcomes
  • The Imperative of Understanding AI