Product-Led Summit Amsterdam

May 10-11th 2023 | Product-Led Summit Amsterdam

Join 100s of Europe’s brightest product growth and strategy leaders on May 10-11 and take some of the world’s most forward-thinking strategies back to your desk.

With some of the best in the industry including:
and more…

What could you achieve with the best product experts in Europe?

Network with your peers and build genuine relationships that can last a career (and open a door or two!).

Impress your stakeholders by not just keeping up with current trends and competitors but also getting ahead of them.

Here’s a snapshot of the agenda:

🔥 How to drive consistent growth with proven, actionable tactics.
🔥 How to adopt a product-led strategy to increase conversion and adoption.
🔥 Sustaining and scaling your PLG model post-product-market fit.
🔥 Building a successful platform product.



AGROKNOW’s participation in the Product-Led Alliance event in Amsterdam was a strategic initiative to explore how the HOLiFOOD infrastructure can be productized and exploited beyond the project’s scope. By engaging with top product leaders and industry experts, HOLiFOOD aims to leverage Product-Led Growth (PLG) strategies to ensure the sustainability and scalability of its innovations. This collaboration will help transform HOLiFOOD’s AI-driven early warning systems and holistic risk assessment tools into marketable products, driving future sustainability and maximizing the project’s impact on secure and sustainable food systems.