Lunch webinar on “System design for identification of emerging food safety risks”


June 6th, 2024 | Online event by HOLiFOOD & FoodSafeR

We are currently living in a fast-changing environment, and we are paying closer attention to what we eat. Keeping track of this ever-changing environment is critical for food safety and, by extension, human health. Even better is to be ahead of new dangers that may jeopardize food safety.

As a result, the EU-funded projects FoodSafeR and HOLiFOOD are focusing on the early detection of new food safety issues.



Several factors come into play, including:

 ✅ Collect data on food safety, environmental impact, and economic factors.

 ✅ Predicting existing and new food safety dangers and risks.

The data and projections will be shown on a dashboard, enabling for rapid mitigation steps in the food safety domain as needed. These technologies established in both projects, which we will share with you during this webinar!



This lunch webinar on “System design for identification of emerging food safety risks” focused on four topics (with their videos available down below):

1) FoodSafeR HUB - Cristina Fernandez (IRIS)
2) Data Sharing Platform: architecture - William O'Sullivan (CRÈME GLOBAL)
3) Data Collection Platform: tooling - George Marinos (AGROKNOW)
4) Federated Learning for access to food safety data - Ali Hurriyetoglu (Wageningen University & Research)