Living Labs: Identification and Monitoring of Food Safety Risks

June 17th, 2024 |  Living Labs: “Identification and Monitoring of Food Safety Risks”

The HOLiFOOD project hosted a first experimenting workshop today, titled “Identification and Monitoring of Food Safety Risks”

The major goal was to collect meaningful feedback from potential customers on our AI-powered experimental tools for identifying new food safety hazards.

During the event, we showcased a number of tools that use machine learning and text selection algorithms. These novel technologies are part of our ongoing endeavor to improve the detection and control of food safety hazards.

We wanted to understand how participants planned to use these tools in their own procedures and activities, as well as how they can help with better decision-making and risk management. To do this, we held multiple interactive sessions in which participants could interact directly with the tools and share their feedback.

Thank you to everyone who participated and provided input. Your feedback is critical in enhancing these tools so that they fulfill the industry’s demands successfully.



HOLiFOOD LL1 17Jun2024 slides