APRE – Agency for the Promotion of European Research – is a no-profit research organization with the mission to support and promote Italian participation in the European Union research and innovation (R&I) programmes, by providing information, training and assistance services. APRE supports the transition towards responsible and participative open research and innovation through analytical activities and practices in the field of RRI and co-creation methodologies. These include comparative analyses of co-creation cases in Europe and identification of best practices; tailored training for the research organizations and multi-actor dialogues and consultations with policymakers with a view of addressing specific challenges of research and innovation. 
APRE Projects Department directly participates in the HORIZON EUROPE calls through its expertise: project management, training and information, stakeholder engagement and co-creation, dissemination and communication, policy analysis, innovation management and exploitation, responsible research and innovation and international cooperation. Follow #apreprogetti on APRE social media channels.